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Proposed First Nation Education Act by Government of Canada

There was great concern voiced on this proposed legislation at the FNESC meeting held on February 4, 2013. Representatives for LKB at the meeting were Chief Jason Louie and Education Administrator Denice Louie.

The government of Canada has already drafted the ‘bones’ of the legislation without input from Aboriginal People. Chiefs at the AFN have said no to the legislation. However, this is not stopping the process; it is moving ahead with ‘consultation’ with Aboriginal people identified and invited by AANDC. These people may or may not have connection to First Nations. The timeframe for consultation is only a few months with a move to have the legislation passed by next year. This jeopardizes the ‘Jurisdiction’ process that many BC First Nations have already engaged in. The discussion at the FNESC meeting voiced concern that the National Education Act is paternalistic and sets First Nations back to the 1930’s. Concern was also voiced that, in the past, consultation with First Nations has not meant any of their recommendations or feedback influenced the final product which in this case would be the ‘Act’.

Packets of information have been provided to the LKIB Education Board and the Lower Kootenay Band Council on this matter. If you would like further information, stop by the education office to access documents such as AANDC’s Discussion Guide on the Act, FNESC’s position paper on the legislation and Aboriginal leadership’s response to the Act.

Yaqan Nukiy School to add Grades 8 and 9
An application was made to AANDC to add grade 8 and 9 to Yaqan Nukiy School. If you are wanting to enroll a student for next year, please contact principal Anne Jimmie or education administrator Denice Louie as soon as possible so that planning for 2013-2014 school year will include your children.