Invitation to submit Expression of interest – The Lower Kootenay Band Housing Committee

The Lower Kootenay Indian Band is looking for individuals to serve on the Housing Committee is an advisory committee established by Council.

Committee members will be appointed by Council in accordance with Committee Terms of Reference approved by Council.

The Housing Committee shall be comprised of five (5) members: 1 elder Band member, 1 youth Band member (18-29 years of age), 1 community Band member, 1 community member who is not an LKB member and one member of Council who will sit as a non-voting member.
To be eligible to sit on the Committee, you must be in good financial standing with the band and the Housing Department, must not have been removed from a board, committee or other body for a breach of confidentiality within the last five years, and known to demonstrate fairness and integrity.

The role of the Housing Committee will be to:

• Make recommendations about policy and procedures.
• Communicate program information on policy and procedures, activities and new development to the membership.
• Report program activities to Chief and Council and the membership.
• Identify community needs pertaining to housing.
• Make recommendations on priorities for the housing Budget including renovations.
• Review housing applications for new tenant selection and make recommendations to the Housing Coordinator on who should be approved.
• Review rent arrears and make recommendations on addressing them.

For those of you seriously interested in being part of the Lower Kootenay Band Housing committee, please submit a letter of interest to the Housing Coordinator (Debbie) by mail, email or drop off letter at LKB administration office.