Land Use and Governance Survey

The Lower Kootenay Band is currently in the process of developing a Land Use Plan (LUP) for their community reserve lands.   The development of this plan is one of the recommendations from the Strategic Implementation Plan.  This plan will build upon the Physical Development Plan which was completed for the community in 1999 and will become part of our Comprehensive Community Plan.

What is a Land Use Plan?

The LUP will help us protect our lands, create a better business environment, improve decision making and coordinate our planning activities so that we can successfully achieve the goals and objectives our community identified in our Strategic Plan.

Some of objectives from the Strategic Plan include:

  • Improve our Lands and Resource Governance;
  • Protect Important Cultural Areas within our Community;
  • Protect and Preserve our Water Supply;
  • Develop an Emergency Response Plan for Community;
  • Identify Lands and Resources for Economic Development Purposes;

The plan will show on a map of Yaqan Nukiy where specific activities may occur (zoning), and will have supporting documents (guidelines, standards) that accompany the set of maps to ensure these activities are done in a manner that are consistent with the values of the community.

We will be zoning land for a variety of potential uses including:

  • Residential
  • Agriculture
  • Integrated Management
  • Wetlands
  • Commercial
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Industrial
  • Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Spaces
  • Institutional and Administrative Buildings

 Why do a land use plan?

The land use plan is necessary for us to properly plan how we should use the land that we have remaining.  By creating a Land Use Plan we will be able to:

  1. integrate economic development plans with our vision of sound land management principles;
  2. increase our connection and understanding of the resources on reserve;
  3. forge relationships with other governments and potential business partners;
  4. strengthen capacity and ability to manage the lands;
  5. reinforce the cultural importance of the land base;
  6. provide a sense of ownership that will support future development; and,
  7. serve as an educational tool for citizens that want to learn more about the values and potential uses of Yaqan Nukiy lands

Some Governance questions are included in the survey in order to help develop a way to finalize guidance documents for implementation.

Carol Louie and Norman Allard will be taking the survey door to door in the community as well as making it available online or at the LKB offices. To contact, call Carol at 250-428-2527 or Norm at 250-428-4428 ext. 227 or norm@lowerkootenay if you wish to have a link to the survey sent to you by email.

For your participation a $25 dollar gift card is available after completing the survey as well as you name added to a final draw for a new TV. The survey will close on November 30, 2016 4pm Mountain Time.