LKB Director of Operations Announcement

Ki’suk kyukyit (greetings)

The Lower Kootenay Band formally announces that Keith Clement has been offered the position of LKB Director of Operations. Keith spent the majority of his youth growing up in Yaqan Nukiy & later moved to various places around the Provinces working & furthering his education & professional development. If you in the vicinity of the LKB Administration Complex please feel free to stop by and welcome LKB’s newest employee.

The LKB Director of Operations position had three applications that were short listed. We wished to try a different method by having a diverse group of individuals act as the interview committee. On the interview panel we had Mary Basil (LKB Elder), Arlene Basil  (LKB Council Rep), Lou Varella (Town of Creston Manager), Kevin Boehmer (LKB Staff Rep), & Josie Fullerton (LKB Community Rep). Originally, we had asked Robin Louie to act as the Council Rep but he was not available due to a scheduling conflict.