Chief and Council

Chief (Michael) “Jason” Louie

Chief (Michael) “Jason” Louie was born July 10, 1973 in Creston B.C. Jason’s traditional name is kakin Tawu meaning “Wolf Gun”.

Jason graduated from the Lower Kootenay Band Operated School in June 1992. Following high school he received formal training as a Long Term Care Aide, Aboriginal Governance & Management, & a diploma in Native Adult Education. Jason dedicated several years serving his country in the Canadian Forces (Army). Jason received the Queen’s Jubilee medal on August 26,2012.

Jason is a father to three daughters Misty, Alisha, & Jaylin.

Prior to becoming Chief of the Lower Kootenay Band, Jason served as a Council member for several years, holding various portfolios for the Band.

Jason was elected as Chief of the Lower Kootenay Band in November of 2010 and officially taking office in January 2011. He has now been re elected for a second term starting January 2015. The issues that face the Lower Kootenay Band cannot be addressed by him, so he relies on his team, the Council, and the Chief Operating Officer. Together, in a short period of time this leadership has accomplished much and will continue to strive for greatness always keeping the Yaqan Nukiy people in mind.

Destyni Basil – Councillor

Hello to all ,

My name is Destyni Basil, Im from lower Kootenay. A bit about myself… I’m a very family oriented individual, My daughter, my spouse and my pets mean the world to me as well as the rest of my family. I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to excel in all aspects of life. I’m extremely thankful to be have giving such an amazing opportunity, I look forward to learning all I can.

Jared Basil – Councillor


My name is Jared Basil, I am a proud member of Lower Kootenay Band and am very honored to be a new member of Band Council. Living off and on the reservation I’ve had the privilege of seeing how far our people have come and just how far our people can go. The possibilities of what we as a nation can achieve are endless, I look forward to working with our elected council but more importantly being a voice for the people. In the position I’ve been acclimated to I would like to welcome everyone to have an opportunity to meet with myself, as I will be looking forward to connecting to all of my community members, to discuss the possibilities of moving forward as one.

In the past 5 years I have resided within the Lower Mainland working and developing a strong mind, strong voice, and overall a strength for ones well being. I have supervised 2 offices where customer service, diligence, and positivity have thrived. One office Xentel DM was a call center where raising funds for various charitable organizations was the main focus, the other Best Heating Inc. was to provide service for thousands of homes regarding up-keep and installations of heating appliances, providing comfort for family dwellings.

In 2010 I had the great honor of representing our people as an employee of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In that I’ve witnessed first hand how a unified group of strangers from all corners of the world, can bring together not just one nation but all nations. In my experiences I have developed a sense of pride, unity and strength of character, all of which I plan to bring forth so that one day our nation can work together to be self sufficient, happy and stable.

For several years it has been my goal to live on my reserve, serve my people in hopes of one day providing safe opportunities, a safe place to live, and sense of overall peace and tranquility for my people. Again, it is my honor to say I am a councilor for our people, and to say one day I hope we can achieve happiness together as one.


Jared Basil

Sandra Luke – Councillor

Kisuk Kyuki it
My name is Sandra Luke, elected councilor for the Lower Kootenay Indian Band. This is my second term being on council. I come from a background of leaders like my parents Rudy and Elenor Luke who both were councilors for the Lower Kootenay Band. Along with Chris Luke Sr. and Chad Luke who both were chiefs for the Lower Kootenay Band.
I have learned that everybody’s voice counts and should be heard. (I say everybody because if one speaks for someone and find out that they didn’t say it then kaos happens!) Those of you who know me, I listen with an open heart but keep in mind I have to be professional in what I say or how I answer because people will use that in their advantage and could come back on you. Believe me, I know and this is what I had to work on.
I am a hard worker and will get things done but I had to learn to give myself time out and enjoy life but most of all stay healthy because running your body down is not good. I am willing to do house visits and share whatever my portfolio will be to keep you up to date on what is going on in the community or at the nation level. I will bring goodies and coffee but if not in your own home then else where you feel comfortable.
Like the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink!” I always keep that in mind because we need to start meeting each other half way. If don’t hear your thoughts, concerns or questions that need to be answer how can we get a better understanding on what is going on. We have to think about our future because I would like to say we all have set a good road out for them if they need guidance, well the tools will be there for them to look back on.
I will do my best to serve you as your elected council member. Whether you voted for me or not, you do count as a member of the Lower Kootenay Band. Thank you for your time and you can get a hold of me through email or, my cell with voicemail (250)402-8241 but after 8pm (250)428-5503.

Josie Fullerton – Councillor