About Us

Historically and since time immemorial, the Lower Kootenay Band, locally known as Yaqan Nukiy were the original inhabitants of the Lower Kootenay area. The name Yaqan Nukiy literally means “where the rock stands” and refers to an important place in the Creston Valley. … [Read more...]

Grand Opening of the new LKB Administration/Health Building

On May 21, 2022 we held our Grand Opening of the new Lower Kootenay Band Administration/Health Building. This building broke ground in October of 2019 but has been a vision for the community for many years before this. Lower Kootenay Band usually holds their annual Yaqan Nukiy Powwow in May but with the current pandemic this powwow has been cancelled for the last few years. So with the support of community leaders, the grand opening was set. Here are a few pictures of the Grand Opening Day.

Crest Re-designed As Creston Valley Fire Services Unite

The fire service has always been a long and noble profession protecting and servingcommunities. The Crest that represents a department has its own meaning, and most times a very personal meaning to those that wear it. As the regionalization of the valley fire services approaches, we felt it was time to re-design the crest that […]

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Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

We are looking for a receptionist to manage our front desk on a daily basis and to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks including minute taking of Chief and Council Meetings. As a receptionist, you will be the first point of contact for the Lower Kootenay Band office. Our receptionist’s duties include offering […]

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