Post Secondary Education


  • College Assessment if necessary
  • Applicants must upgrade if necessary
  • Applicant must be accepted into an eligible Institution
  • Applicants must be accepted into an eligible program of study (that is a Certificate, Diploma, Degree or UCEP program)
  • Program must be full time in order to receive living allowance (that is at least 8 months in length)
  • Research Program, submit tuition /books/supplies cost.

*Note: the term “eligible” refers to INAC requirements


  • First come first serve basis
  • Returning students are top priority
  • Returning students must maintain continued academic standing with the Institution


  • Complete LKB Post-Secondary Assistance Application
  • Books, Supplies, and Tuition will be paid for
  • No Living Allowance

In order to be considered for assistance, Applicants must obtain application from the Education Support Worker and include letter of acceptance from the Institution and submit both before the deadline. For full time programs, the deadline for applications is April 30th of each year. Other semesters ( Spring, Summer, Winter)  on funds available.   For part-time programs, it is first come, first serve basis and will depend on funding eligibility.

To secure next available seat for sponsorship,  student must keep regular contact via email.

Please make sure that you have all the prerequisites before starting the program.

It is in the best interest of the applicants to meet with a guidance counselor at the Institution to review the program they are interested in before choosing the courses.  Applicants must remember that once they withdraw courses, the program may not be full time and this will have an impact on eligibility for continued assistance.

If you have any questions, please call   250-428-2527

Office located at 1004 Simon Rd.  9am -4pm  Thursday & Friday.

Or   email (preferred)

Rhonda Basil

Education Support Worker


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