Heather Suttie, Chief Operating Officer
Chantelle Morin, Administrative Assistant
Karlene Emary, Director of Finance
Trina Luke, Senior Finance Assistant
Debbie Edge-Partington, Housing Coordinator
Rhonda Basil, Education Support Worker/Registry Administrator
Curtis Wullum, Director of Development Services
Chris Luke Jr., Public Works Supervisor
Sandy Wayling, Social Development Coordinator
Ken White, Facilities & Operations Manager
Dave Mutch, Agriculture Business Coordinator
Norman Allard, Community Planner
Jaylin Louie, Training & Employment
Doreen Cardwell, Health & Wellness/Assistant to Chief & Council
Lindsay Floer, Health & Wellness/Assistant to Chief & Council
Kerry Holmes, Housing Maintenance
Gwen Grieves, RN Community Nurse/Health Services Manager

Heather Suttie, Chief Operating Officer

Heather is responsible for leading, planning and implementing programs and policies.  She is also responsible for the provision of administrative expertise and overall direction to the Departmental Directors of Finance and Development Services. The Social Services, Public Works, Health and Counselor positions report directly to her.

The Director of Operations reports to full council at bi-monthly council meetings, and works closely with Chief Jason Louie.

Trina Luke, Finance Assistant

Trina has worked with LKB for over 20 years. Trina provides a variety of clerical and accounting duties including payroll, accounts recievable and accounts payable. She also provides administrative support within the Lower Kootenay Band Office and their associated organizations.