Crest Re-designed As Creston Valley Fire Services Unite

Crest Re-designed As Creston Valley Fire Services Unite

The fire service has always been a long and noble profession protecting and serving
communities. The Crest that represents a department has its own meaning, and most times a very personal meaning to those that wear it.

As the regionalization of the valley fire services approaches, we felt it was time to re-design the crest that we wear to a single design and yet still retain the autonomy of our service areas.

We wanted this crest to represent the Creston Valley, and the areas in which we live and serve. It was important to all of us to embody images that reflect our unique valley, the water, the mountains and a symbol that brings it all together; a representation and a start to reconciliation with the first people of this land.

It is also our great pleasure to incorporate the Yaqan Nukiy logo on the Fire Apparatus throughout the valley to continually show the support and commitment to reconciliation.

With the approval of Chief Jason Louie, we will wear this new crest and drive the decaled fire apparatus with Pride, Honour and Integrity.